When my husband becomes Shelly

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pinktasticme

My husband is a cross dresser. When he transforms himself into a pretty little whore, the makeup, nails, wig and sexy outfit...oh and the heels! He really could pass for a girl, I'm sure, but when we have "girl nights', that's really all I see.

Black mini, barely covers his cock, whilst a halter top gives the look of little titties, nipples poking out of the sheer material. I really don't consider myself bisexual but I'm so turned on when he dresses like this.  Certainly for the night, we are both curious lesbians!

I love peeling back the top, exposing perfect boobies. I squeeze them and tweak the nipples, instantly my pussy moistens. We ask each other playful questions, "Is this your first time with a girl?...Do you like feeling another girls body against you?"

It all makes me very horny and wet, touching another girls tits, sliding my hands all over the curves, and down between her legs. I imagine finding her pussy, wet for me too, but what I feel is his raging cock and that's enough to make me cum.

I watch as the dildos are brought out. This time I want use the double header with this chick. She lays back, legs spread. A couple of drops of lube is all it takes for her to slide one end of the double dildo up inside. It looks and sounds so hot, I have no trouble sliding my end in. Just like horny lesbians we fuck each other, the dildo going so deep our butts touch as we bounce back and forth. She touches herself with her long red nails, her titties, then down to her swollen sexy parts, stroking that hard dick. I know he's liking this as much as I am! I'm coming all over the toy, the bed, just crazy wetness, which is noticed by my partner, eliciting a low moan as I watch her arch her back in ecstasy.

We take out the dildos and experiment with scissoring, both our wet spots crisscrossed with each other. My clits so swollen that I feel every movement.Then we bring our bodies together, boobs squishing against each other, my wet pussy rubbing on her smooth shaved leg.

The lesbian experience with my man...so good!