Highly Recommended

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Between Friends

The message came out of the blue. "I heard a rumor about you." I asked what she had heard. "I heard you're very good in bed."

I was shocked. We had friends in common but this was our first time chatting. I sent a blushing emoji and asked what else she had heard. "Lisa said you gave her the best oral she's had in ages."

Word travels fast! Lisa and I had been together only a few days before. I wasn't sure how to respond, so I just wrote "Wow" and searched for emoji that were flirty but not too dirty. Then I asked if Lisa would be mad that we were chatting.

"lol no, it was her idea"

We met up that night for a glass of wine, but didn't drink much of it. She was too eager to find out if the rumors were true. So I knelt in front of her, starting off slow and teasing, and demonstrated all my best oral techniques. She climaxed several times on my tongue, and once or twice on my dick, before we were done.

"Lisa was right! I'm going to tell all my friends."