Guided Envy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By NoonFlowerGirl

For a long time I have this crazy fantasy, and I really want to share it. Me and my husband are just married, and I love our sex life. Me and the female friends that I had over the years were always open to each other about our relationships, and always talked about all our problems. If something was wrong, the girls were always the first to know. Sharing our bedroom tales was a thing of regularity, and still is today.

I need to give a little background to how all of this connects. Like many, in my teens and a bit later on I disliked my body, I didn't feel comfortable in it. My breasts are big, but they are saggy. I'm kind of slim (at least used to be...) but I have big hips. It made my intimate life with men problematic, and thus I avoided them for a long time. When we had girls talk about our adventures, I was always falling behind. At that time I always felt like those girls have these great guys to do crazy things with, and that they are much better than me, and much more experienced.

When I grew older I learned to love myself and my body and I've started to have multiple partners. I've learned about myself that I love sex, I adore it, and that I'm great at it. The feeling got even stronger when me and my husband started seeing each other. In my head only one thing stayed the same, my notion that other girls are better than me. All of those girls from the past still looking down on me. Even with the current ones, It seems that I can't pass my new nature.

And that's my fantasy. I want them to SEE how good I am. I want them to SEE how good my hot husband is. How good we are.

We (me and about 3 girls) will sit in my living room for drinks and laughs in the evening. Suddenly the sex topic will come up, and the girls will look at each other with little smiles thinking "does she even know what she's talking about?". At that point I'll call my husband from the kitchen and offer them a game. Me and my husband will start getting things off, and they will just watch. If they want, they can give us guidance. No touching. If they choose to guide us, we won't do anything without them saying us to, they'll tell us to strip, we'll strip. They'll tell us to touch, we'll touch. We won't choose the position neither the pace. I need to beat them at their own game at first. To make them understand that I mean business I'll get up and start kissing my loved one passionately, I'll grope his package while he will lift my dress exposing my ass in a sexy thong. The girls face will be a combination of shock and embracement, but after a few long seconds they will get into it and tell us to move away from each other. They'll make us take off a few of our clothes on our own, and later make the other one take off the rest. After that things will become interesting…

From all sides there will be embracement, giggling, some jaw drops, but a lot of stimulation. I'll show them that anything they can do, I can do better. I'll do what they say in ways that they could not imagine. After a while the guidance will stop and we'll get things into our own hands, we will show them our intimate greatness. There will be envy (at my body, my husband, my performance, like I crave for), but not in a bad way, we will still be friends, they will just look at me different, understand that I'm equal to them.

Our favorite position is when we both are on our knees with a straight back and he is fucking me from behind, touching my clit. The only thing missing in that position is that I can't reach his ass, which I love to finger and make him finish in seconds. Right before I'll climax I'll whisper in one girl's ear and she will go to other girls. After they will make up their minds who will do it, one of them will come close to us (and that will be the only time the girls will touch us, and actually do anything that is not speaking) and stand next to my guy sucking her fingers. She will then go behind him, say to him a couple of words and pet him a little. Right after that she'll finger his ass with her wet finger. She won't be hasty, and she will put it in and pull it out fast from quite the start. He deserves a little something for fulfilling my fantasy. I know he loves it. I know how nervous he is, and I want us to finish together, which will happen very soon after.

I really hope that this story will make is way to be filmed, and even if not, I wish it will be posted. The thought of your fantasy for the past years being staged or written in place everyone can see it is very exciting.

Thank you for making me write it.