Good vibrations

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Beeker

I like to be inside my wife when she cums. To feel the soft squeeze of the muscles in her vagina around my hard cock while she is having an orgasm. The warm envelope filled with bodily fluids, well... So sometimes we just start out facing each other, both on our knees. We stare in each others eyes, both hungry for one another. Passionate, sloppy kisses ensue and I slowly descend along her neck, cupping one of her breasts in my hand, caressing the nipple until it is hard and she starts moaning. Then my mouth reaches that nipple while my hand goes lower, between her legs. My fingers explore her lips and clit and she's getting wet and warm. Sometimes an orgasm already comes, hardly slowing us down. I position myself behind her, kissing and biting her neck whilst I cup her breasts with my hands. My cock, hard and eager, finds the entrance to her wet cave, her grotto of pleasure. I slide inside but do not start trusting. I just enjoy the warmth and the wetness, while still massaging her breasts and rolling her nipples between my fingers. Then I take our small pocket rocket, the tiny bullit vibrator that comes with strong and promising vibrations once it is turned on. I place it where it needs to be placed, placing my full hand on her mons, massaging it at the same rythme as her left nipple (I'm right handed after all). The vibrations travel through her vagina onto and into my hard cock. I can feel the squeezing start and it intensifies until that sweet orgasmic oblivion is reached. The squeezing is now so hard and together with the vibrations it makes me cum, adding to the wetness.