Good Times & Grammar

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tutee

Grammar has never been easy for me as you might notice in this confession. It's unfortunate because I believe that good communication is key for a good development of civilization. I could dig up a couple of excuses as to why I'm not good at it, but instead I would prefer to find ways to enhance my grammar. I'm thinking of hiring a personal tutor and then I thought about this fantasy.

I fantasize about my tutor getting close as we write on a journal that she prepared for me. She flirts with me and I flirt back. We stare at each other without speaking and the interest between us is evident. She then tells me that if I get the next question right then she'll let me kiss her. I get it right so I get to kiss her. We start to make out and undress. We start to fornicate and then something very sexy happens next. She begins to tutor me as we're having sex.