A Sexual Fantasy

— By Diva Sensuelle

I am the High Priestess to the Goddess. I enter the antechamber where my hopeful worshippers await. I walk among the handful of beautiful blindfolded men standing proudly, clad only in loincloths. I playfully smell them, kiss them, taste their skin. Finally, I make my choice. My attendants lead him into my inner sanctum, remove his blindfold, and leave us.

Now we are alone, the ceremony can begin. The man I have chosen stands at the foot of a richly furnished bed, raised on a dais: the Goddess' altar. His oiled skin gleams in the flames of the lamps.

Staring into the man's eyes, I disrobe and lay down. He approaches and begins gently, worshipping my whole body. He caresses my hair, licking and biting my lips, my neck, the slope of my shoulders. He bends to kiss and suck my breasts. I look at him as he smoothes his hands over the curves of my belly, my hips and thighs, gripping and kneading my ass. He is focussed and intense as he licks the back of my knees, making his way down to my feet. I am the Goddess incarnate, radiant, lush, accepting his worship.

I open my legs, and kneeling before me with an expression of appreciation, he gazes reverently into my sacred pussy. He inhales me. Grinning up at me, he tastes me, savouring, worshipping my pussy. He takes a fierce joy in my pleasure, this man, until I surrender to waves of bliss, shaking so much his hands grip my hips to still me against his wet mouth.

We rest on the altar for a moment in the flickering golden light.

I then caress and tease his cock and move over his body to ride him skillfully, pulsing around him, undulating and circling my hips, pulling back and pushing down exquisitely slowly, torturing him with pleasure. He takes me from behind, biting my neck to hold me down, and we fuck like animals, ferociously, our cries ever louder and wilder.

Ecstasy. Divine ecstasy. The Goddess is satisfied. I send him off with a kiss and a smile.