Giddy Up, Cowboy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Texan Babe

Being from Texas, nothing gets me wetter than the idea of a rugged, well-seasoned cowboy who knows how to be rough and assertive with me. The fantasy is this: A "seen-around-town" cowboy who has just finished working the field. Muddy, dusty, muscles swollen under his sweat-drenched shirt. He's been enough trips around the sun to know how to deliver a calf, and properly eat a pussy. Young enough to not be too sun-beaten. He makes a stop for some water and we catch each others' eyes. He slowly makes his way over, says something thing I know he's bending me over in my denim mini. We're knocking things over in passion. He's rough, but he doesn't need to worry - I know how to ride a bronco too. P.S. Cowboy hat, boots, and a hard-on required. All else optional. Bonus points for binding via rope.