Game or No Game?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Snookie

My wife and I have been enjoying a fantasy sex game. At least I think it's a game. It started when we watched a video about a couple where the wife would have sex with random people and tell the husband about it. He'd get worked up and they'd fuck their brains out. The story made my wife and I both so horny we were going at it before the film even ended. During our cooldown, she said, "You know, I could do that." I couldn't believe my ears. "What? Fuck other people?" "No. Tell you I did. I do have those kinds of fantasies." I hadn't known that, but I said sure, it sounded like a hot role-play. The next Monday I got home to find her lolling on the sofa, her clothes and hair askew. She told me our friend Nate, who'd been having a hard time since his wife left him, had stopped by. She'd started offering verbal comfort, which led to a back rub and ended with hot sex. We acted out her story and both wound up cumming hard. A week later I found her waiting for me wearing only the thin t-shirt and panties she sleeps in and working on a bottle of wine. She explained she'd stayed home from work to meet the refrigerator repair guy (which was true). She rubbed up against him while he worked. He grabbed her and took her on the kitchen counter, starting with expert cunnilingus and finishing with a hard fuck. That became our scenario for the evening, and again the sex was unreal. All very fun. Only thing is, when I ran into Nate downtown yesterday, he acted awkward. We've been friends for years, so his behavior made me curious. This morning I called the repair store and asked for the guy who'd serviced our fridge. The receptionist said, "He's right here." But then she put down the phone to tell the guy and came back a moment later saying, "Oh, whoops, he just left." Whether my wife's actually doing this shit or making it up, the truth is we're having the best sex of our lives. But the town we live in isn't that big. I worry that if it's real, it'll catch up with us. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.