Fucked in the name of art

A Sexual Fantasy

— By senorladron

She has been nude modeling many times before, but this time it’s different. It’s not in front of ten insecure art students. It’s in front of their professor. He has asked her to come to his atelier. She rings the doorbell. Why is she nervous? Finally, he opens the door. «Ah, there you are my lovely! Come in! » They go upstairs, to his big loft, all the while he is making her relax by letting her know how beautiful she is, how right she is for his latest project. There’s paintings everywhere. She undresses. He immediately gets to work, fully obsessed with the creative process, and commands her into different postures as she was a piece of clay. At first it’s rather innocent, but gradually he is ordering her into more and more revealing poses. Erotic poses. To her surprise she is getting really aroused by this. At one point she thinks the postures must reveal how wet she is, wonders if he’ll notice. She’s slightly ashamed, she should be professional about this. But he just keeps on saying “brilliant”, “perfect”, “oh lord, those curves” and “hold that pose”, no matter how much she spreads. It’s all for the art, she tells herself.
“You know what?” he suddenly asks. “There’s this posture that would just make a perfect, perfect picture… it involves a piece of me too… but it is just for the picture you know”. She hesitates for a second, but then nods of consent. He carries over his easel, bends her over, strokes her back, her hips, her ass. “So perfect” he whispers. And before she knows it she is being made love to while being painted. She moans quietly in pure pleasure. And it’s such an intense feeling, to enjoy something that is not meant for her to enjoy, it’s all for the art, she thinks… She is being fucked in the name of art.