I Want to Fuck You in Your Robe

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Orange

I have a friend that is a complete nerd, not in a bad way, but he is. I've had a tiny crush on him ever since I met him mostly because we have the same tastes but I had never tried anything because I'm slightly taller than him. The other day we were at his apartment watching movies and I got weirdly turned on by a scene where a guy who crossdressed was wearing a robe, walking in hills and having a smoke. So obviously my response was to ask him if he had any cigarettes and when he stood up I blurted out that it would be nice to see him in a robe, hills and having a smoke. He looked at me dead in the eye and asked me if I was serious and I know that I probably got a really red face. He went into the hall and came out with his sister's shower robe, started smoking a cigarette and asked me if that worked for me. I walked towards him, took the cigarette out of his hand, took a drag and kissed him. We made out for a little bit and then we stopped. I pushed him to the sofa and started stripping, first shirt, then pants, then bra and when I was about to take my panties off he told me to stop and to come sit on top of him so I did. We started making out again, there was a point where he was nibbling my ear while playing with my nipple piercing that killed me. By this point I could feel his boner rubbing me so I started to really want to feel him inside of me. He then put me on my back, kissed that point between my bellybutton and panties and then he took them off while smelling my pussy. He then began giving head to me and it was as if his purpose was to make me scream even though I was trying my best to keep it quiet. I told him to just do it since I could feel my insides just needing it. He refused so I sat down and started giving him head. I started off the top and went down until I had swallowed all of it. After that I sat on top of him and fucked him until he came. He never took his attention off my nips which was awesome and kept rubbing my clit whenever he could. Afterwards we took a shower, I kissed him goodbye and went home.