I love you. Now, fuck him senseless.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By senorladron

"Is it okay if I ... fuck him?" She asked.

I feel weird. We've talked about this a while back, about having other partners, and the definition of infidelity and stuff. We both also agreed that we might eventually try to have some sort of an open relationship, as they apparently call it. That we could try to have sex with others, but the deal was to ask each other for permission first. Anyway, it feels too strange, now that she's suddenly serious about it. If I am painfully honest with myself, it's probably jealousy, what I feel. She is away on job travels, and the her company rep during dinner turned out to be a hunk.

"Honey ... are you there ? You remember that we sp-"
"Yes, I remember," I interrupt her.
"And ..?"
"Hmm, I don't know. Maybe it's not so cool after all."
"But ... Oh... You're hurt by the idea now. You said you wouldn't be."
"I ... I don't know. I have to think it over."
"Think about it? Maybe it's not such a good idea after all," she says.

I feel this relief.

"Sorry, I know you probably REALLY wanted to... But I ..."
"It doesn't matter," she says
"Sure?" I ask
I can hear the smile in her voice.
"I love you," she says, and hangs up

I get up from my chair, my mind is working high speed. Fuck Fuck Fuck . Why couldn't I just let her have her fun? I know that it's me she wants in the end, we've already talked about this.
I turn around and pick up the phone. I enter a short text message. I change my mind. IT'S OK. FUCK HIM SENSELESS. I LOVE YOU.
5 minutes pass.

Beep-beep. New text message. My heart leaps, what is she answering? I pick up the phone. CALL ME IN 10 MIN. Nothing more. What does this mean? I'm confused. I wait 10 minutes, then I call her.
"Hi honey!" She says, obviously aroused
"Hey, um-"
"Guess what I'm doing RIGHT now?"

Suddenly I get it. She is panting and I hear loud groaning from a stranger in the background. I start laughing.

"What the hell are you doing?" I ask.
"Guess what I've got up my pussy now!"
"A huge cock," I guess.

It turns out I was right.