Frisk me…please

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Leigh

I never knew I loved a man in uniform until I met him. His baby blue eyes shine against his dark uniform. Anytime I think he’s near, I drive a little faster, hoping to get caught. I fantasize about how erotic it would be to get pulled over by him in some secluded place… He would order me out of my car and tell me to place my hands on the roof, press me against the side, then slowly, gently frisk me from head to toe and back up again, sliding his fingers between my thighs. He’d tell me to face him and then he’d press his hard cock against me, my pussy responding with a desire so strong I’d beg him to let me have him. He’d passionately kiss me, my neck, my chest, as I remain pinned against my car, my fingers discovering his zipper to unleash his manhood. He’d lift me up and place me on the hood of the car, spread my legs, tear my panties off and fuck me hard until we both cum together in pure ecstasy.