A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lifthrasir

We had only been dating a short time when it happened. We were both shy and uncertain about what this relationship would turn into. The first time I went to her place, I couldn’t help but notice the red vinyl knee-high boots tucked into a box marked “to donate”.

“Oh, those were for a Halloween costume. My cousin actually wants them.”

A week later the box was still in her entryway closet. After going to a movie we were making out on her couch a while, and then I pulled back and took a chance.

“Would you...wear those red boots for me?”

She looked uncertain.

“Oh? Is there anything else you would like?”

“Uh, surprise me?”

I went into her bedroom and sat on the floor, picking through her books and waiting for her. I sensed her enter the room and looked up.

The shy, uncertain young woman I had started dating had transformed into a goddess in red vinyl knee-high boots and a matching red eye mask, and she was sauntering toward me with a definite plan for what would happen next.

“Oh my...”