For my pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By maj

I came home from work a bit tired and I rolled a blunt. My partner decided to massage my back while I smoked. He started at the shoulders then kissed me on my neck. He then licked my pussy slowly until I finished smoking my weed. When I finished smoking I put myself on my belly while he started to penetrate me as he kept on massaging my back. After a few minutes I feel myself shaking from pleasure as he spanks my ass . For each slap on my ass I get a kiss on the neck. He accelerates and grabs my boobs. My back is touching his torso. I feel him everywhere. He now has a hand on my pussy and one grabing my left boob. I'm so wet. I tell him that i'm close. He wants me close. He wants me to come first. I come around his penis as he bites my neck. He then turn me so that I can face him and penetrates me again. He is close. He wants me to watch his face as he comes. He is coming and now I'm coming a second time.