Follow Along

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fable

A hot masseuse in an online video is showing me how to self-massage the tight spots in my thighs and hips. But then subtly and gradually, he starts looking straight into the camera and talking to me directly. What would feel the best to me right now? Would I like a more personalised session? I could put my hands there and gently stroke around the area. He gives steady, gentle guidance into how to give myself a steady, gentle, (tantric) self-massage to open up and relax all parts of the body in a follow-along session. He asks questions and makes suggestions rather than to give orders. His voice is deep and soothing, he is calm and friendly, a touch dominant but never forceful. He gives me the choice of how to do what he shows me (with possible modifications) and it’s all for my relaxation and well-being. The dream online video experience…