A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rob A

I have this recurring fantasy involving watching her flirt and get attention. Funny thing is, she has no idea how hot she is. Her attitude, hair, eyes, (and yes her cleavage) never fail to catch attention. It's so cute that she doesn't seem to notice.

One time when we were meeting out of town (I had work meetings, she met me there after) I met her at a restaurant and found her at the bar having a drink next to a well dressed gentleman. He was clearly interested and I was turned on at the thought.

More recently, we were getting ready to meet some friends at a restaurant whose bar has a reputation as a cougar hang out. She made a comment about her shoes (I liked them) and that led to a comment from her about attracting some 20 year old. I responded "just as long as I get to watch". Instant hard on.

My fantasy is watching her. At some nice bar or maybe a club, she's dressed sexy but still nice. Assets on display in a strappy top or something with a plunging neckline. I'm close by, watching. She flirts with some cute guy or maybe a handsome business man from out of town. Maybe even 'accidentally' flashing him.

I get to watch her dance with him, if it's at a club. Maybe even a slow dance or two, me watching secretly from a little distance at the bar. I get to watch her enjoy the attention and know she's getting wet from it. Later she joins me and let's me feel how wet she has gotten and we retreat back to our room...