Five Senses: Part 2

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rumba Fan

Day 3: The sense of sight Laura's and Dylan's next experiment, a video date, could be considered quite usual – but one thing is different. The sound is switched off so they can both focus on nothing else but their looks. Laura starts with a very slow and tempting striptease. As soon as she reveals her beautiful breasts to her boyfriend, he can’t resist any longer and takes out his hard penis which on camera seems even bigger to Laura than normally. Attracted by his greed to possess her, she takes off her panties and begins to masturbate on a chair in front of the camera. They both see the traces of lust in each others face and in the moment Laura grabs for a black, slim vibrator and inserts it into her wet pussy, Dylan can’t hold it any longer and the sperm runs down his fingers and his shaft. It doesn’t take long and Laura makes herself cum, her body trembling strongly. Day 4: The sense of touch Soon after Laura’s return they both get ready for their next adventure. This time they dedicate themselves to erotic partner massage, but of course not the common way. To exlude all the other senses, the massaged partner has to wear a mask, blindfolding them and covering their nose. First it’s Laura’s turn to enjoy. When Dylan touches, strokes and caresses her naked body she feels every touch with an intensity she has never felt before. He rubs her with warm oil and massages each cell of her smooth skin sensitively, turning towards her primary erogenous zones in the end. As he finally touches her labia and clit, she is already so aroused that he makes her orgasm within seconds. Then Laura does the same to Dylan, indulging her partner with her entire body. Being given a fulminant final with both hands, a fountain of cum shoots out of Dylan's pulsating penis.