Fist Hand Experience

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Expander

I am a reserved wife. Yet, I was interested in yoni massage. One day, I went to a massage studio - I lied to my husband that I go to a physiotherapist. I undressed. I was shy in the beginning, but when I lay down and relaxed, the touch of a stranger turned me on. After covering my body with strokes, his finger entered my pussy. He gently asked if I want one more inside. A bit hesitantly, I approved. To my surprise, I took both in easily. Now I asked for the third and soon for the fourth and fifth. He slipped in one by one. Slowly, kindly moving his hand, he sent me to heaven. In the end, his whole hand was inside me. It filled my pussy as my husband's dick never could. When I arrived home, the flesh of my pussy was still in flames, but shrunk back to its usual size. I kissed my husband on the forehead and said that the therapy went well.