First Comes Love, Then Comes Chastity

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Digger

My most thrilling fantasy...

I masturbate too much so my wife locks my cock in a chastity cage for 3 months. As time progresses, my wife gets more and more horny. She enjoys humiliating me. She makes me use toys on her and go down on her. Eventually she starts to peg me allowing me to be milked. She tells all her friends about my chastity and I am humiliated. She convinces her friends to put their men in chastity. I meet up with those guys and talk about our situations. Towards the end of the 3 months she goes out with her girlfriends to a male strip club. While there she fucks and sucks a lot of guys. She brings me home her pussy full of cum and I am forced to eat her creampie. Because she has found a new release, she wants to keep me in chastity for a longer time and keep going to the club. Plus she wants to go with all her girlfriends and their men to a nude beach called "Chastity Beach". Eventually, the men and I start to milk each other.