First Aid Fantasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hopefulmedic

Some years ago I was training to be a volunteer First Aider, when the training began I noticed a very pretty brunette. A small confession would be that I get very turned on by a pretty brunette. As the boring beginning of the training progressed I realised that I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, then came the hands on actual first aid training. I couldn’t believe my luck when the tutor partnered us together. The training progressed well and I began to flirt with her, she often giggled showing she liked it. The training was all hands on so I got very turned on being so close to her, then one day before lunch we came to the broken arm sling. I confidently began to form the sling, but then I needed her to move her arm away from her chest so that I could sweep the sling up behind her arm. I asked her to move her arm and she queried, “why should she do that, surely it would hurt a broken arm?” I explained that it would be inappropriate for me to touch her chest. She giggled and replied, “maybe I want you to touch my chest.” I nearly exploded in my underwear. Soon came lunch but I had packed a sandwich, I prayed for her to suggest we went out to lunch so that we could take it further, but she also had a sandwich. She did not complete all the training so we lost contact, but I still wish we could have gone further.