Feeling It

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Loose

I rarely am able to find porn that centers on the experience of a trans women like myself. I am constantly searching for porn that features bodies like mine enjoying themselves in a non-fetishized way. I would love to see a film where a trans women goes to her first sex party with the encouragement of a friend. She is unsure at first, but agrees to come with assurance from her friend that if she wants, she can just watch and get a sense of the room and the people, just to feel it out. She goes with the initial intent that she will only be a voyeur. Once she arrives, dressed for the event in lingerie, she sits back on a couch or a love seat to relax, maybe smokes a little, and enjoys herself. She takes in the scene of all the other attendees enjoying themselves at this fun, queer orgy, and admires the bodies and acts that are going on. Some invite her to join in at first, and she politely tells them she is happy to just watch which they accept and find sexy. As she watches, she finds herself paying close attention to one man in particular, and he notices her watching him intently. He watches her while he enjoys himself with the other guests, and she is entranced by him as she watches him top another guest and bring them to orgasm. After he finishes, he goes over to sit next to her and talk to her some, perhaps sharing a cigarette or a joint with her while they talk. She tells him initially she only came to watch, and he respects that asking if it's okay if they just flirt a little instead. She is happy to flirt, and they have some sexy, playful, back-and-forth banter for a little bit before he starts to recover from his previous orgasm before they spoke and he again becomes erect. She notices, and stares, and he teases her about it playfully. Then she asks him if he would let her touch it. He is happy to oblige, and she caresses him lustfully before he asks if she would like to do anything else. She asks if she can put him in her mouth, and he says yes. She licks and sucks him on the love seat, others still having sex and playing around them, and soon he asks her if there's anything else she would like to do. Now, emboldened, feeling sexy and confident and safe, asks that he top her like she watched him top the other guest from before. He is happy to oblige, and pins her down and takes her on the couch in the midst of the orgy. Her friend who invited her and another guest who asked if she wanted to join in at the start of the party watch her having sex with him eagerly. She is happy to feel safe and really feel it.