Examine Me, Doctor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rubyslippers

He asks me to lie on the bed, then gives me a long full physical exam, telling me what he is going to do and what he is looking for for each step. He knows that I love being filled and stretched, having every part of my body slowly examined and exposed with intent. He keeps me clothed for the most part but does have to ask my permission to unzip, very slowly and carefully, my dress. As he leans over to reach my left breast his hard cock presses against my hand, we can both tell how turned on we both are. He keeps his voice calm and soft, his face concentrating and intelligent, not really giving me eye contact as he is concentrating so hard. The stethoscope is cold, as he asks me to breath in deeply and out while he listens. He asks permission to do a vaginal exam, helps assist me to take down my trousers and knickers. Asks me politely and slowly to bend my knees up and have my heels touching my bum, then to let my knees drop to the sides. He watches me do this intently as he puts cold gel on his fingers and he inserts two fingers in to me at first. Then a third finger is slowly pushed in and he apologises if it feels uncomfortable. I can feel his soft breathing in the inside of my thigh as he is intently examining and feeling how soft, wet and flushed he is making me. Slowly using his other hand to help stretch me apart, before inserting the rest of his hand into me completely. While he moves his fist in and out of me, he uses his lips and tongue slowly exploring my waist, hips and inner thighs. He watches my responses waiting for me to beg him to touch my clit. Then he starts to suck on my clit, soft kisses and firm pressure coming from his tongue working side to side. He listens to my every breath and each writhe of my hips to ensure he stays with that rhythm and pressure to build me up towards an orgasm. After he has made me cum with his fist and mouth, he carefully places his hands under my bum and pulls me down to the end of the examination table. He clasps my ankles in his hands, pushing my legs into the air and spreads them apart. Without speaking he keeps his eyes on my exposed and glistening cunt as he unbuttons his shirt, chest hair and toned stomach peeping through. He undoes his trousers and pushes his boxers down with them. His hard cock throbbing, he rubs cold gel over it whilst using his other hand to explore my cunt further. He enters me, fills me and the cold gel catching my breath. He fucks me slowly, deeply and I can see his eyes enjoying watching every part of my body move whilst he thrusts. Taking his time, savouring every inch of me until he gets carried away and asks me to demonstrate how I play with my breasts and my clit. He watches me whilst he plays with his delicious cock. And then cums over me with a deep satisfying moan. We never speak of our interlude again, and it’s never repeated. But the tension and furtive glances continue.