Erotic Massage with My Husband

A Sexual Fantasy

— By masseur

For our anniversary I booked an erotic massage. A friend of mine had said that it was a very sensual, exciting experience and I knew that my man wouldn't complain. I hired a young, beautiful girl for him and a strong boy (I say boy because he was also way younger than I, mid 20s or so) for me. It begun face down. His hands were gorgeous, and my husband was also enjoying her. Then, face up, we could make eye contact in the mirror on the ceiling while they took care of us. It was wonderful. We could also touch them. In a few minutes he was rock hard, and his cock was amazing. I was tempted of sucking him as he made me cum. My husband saw my face of desire and came as well. Then, after some relaxation, we had half an hour at the room for us, with champagne. We kissed passionately and shared our thoughts. My husband smiled when I confessed that he made me really horny. He left the room. One minute later, he was back, followed by the masseur. I kissed my husband when the boy whispered me that he was going to fuck me.