Erotic Cycles

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fritzi Mitzi

So the story goes like this...

I am the Queen of a tribe somewhere on a tropical island. The monthly ritual in accordance with the full moon is to satisfy the queen - me. For that we climb up a hill in ceremonial (but peaceful) excitement to see the sun setting and the moon rising. On the hill an altar is prepared, beautifully decorated with flowers, on which the Queen is laid on. Now it’s time to pleasure the Queen. The most agile and handsome tribe men with black makeup on their faces start to kiss and lick the Queens body. More and more hands join and the pleasure of the Queen multiplies with the hands touching her aroused body. But it is not these hands that give the Queen the mercy of coming. It’s the man close to her heart who will make her come, when giving her deep, loving pushes while other men lick, suck and kiss all parts of her, so that she has a heartbending oragsm and the new cycle can start off with all the beautiful energy released.