Edwardian Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pasquiette

I always was a Jane Austen fan. I can't imagine living in this era, because I know these were dark times to be a woman.
I know what I want, and I don't let any code dictate the way I am supposed to express my sexuality. But perhaps this is why, paradoxically, I have this fantasy.
I imagine meeting a gentleman, just before dawn, by the pond. The light is blue and the wind soft. Our love is improper, and anyone finding out about it would be our ruin.
Here we are, laying on the grass, right next to the water and I teach my lover how to please a woman, he teaches me how to please a man. Somehow, ignoring all the codes of morality our era dictates makes it more exquisite, and I don't care if anyone hears us, nor does he. But I love his gentlemanlike manners, and his attentive spirit. It is as if we choose to let these codes live between us because it suits the circumstances, when we cross them at the same time. We part, knowing we will meet again.