Dungeons and Dragons Reimagined

A Sexual Fantasy

— By gomperzian

A fantasy roleplaying game like dungeons and dragons is a game of imagination where players take actions in a fictional situation described by a narrator – sometimes referred to as Dungeon Master.

The game usually takes place over several nights where players/adventurers take actions in the story narrated by the Master.

The female Dungeon Master describes her group of three players this situation:

“In a fantasy kingdom, the black elf princess welcomes you, the envoys of the human king sent to discuss peace negotiations after a long and bloody war.

The princess’s beauty is legendary, and you know that it’s customary for black elves to propitiate the outcome of negotiations with close encounters between the parties. The Princess Ninael welcomes you surrounded by a soft silk shawl that lets you just imagine what’s below the surface.

While you approach to greet her she drops the shawl and stands naked in front of you, a statue of ebony with ivory pearls. With an elegant gesture she points in the direction of a large triclinium.

What do you do? Remember that from your actions depends the future of the relations between your two kingdoms…”.

Before the players respond the Master closes the evening making arrangements for the next time, leaving the group with suspense and anticipation of the next session.

After the players have left the young Master’s imagination flies back to the story she was telling and reality and dream mingle: she becomes the princess inviting adventurers to join her in a night of love. She guides them, narrating the situation as if the Dungeon Master is making love with her.

Even if she sets the rules and drives all actions players always know to surprise her, which is exactly what she loves the most and why she started roleplaying.