Double side cut hair

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

When you asked me to double side cutting my hair it was a revelation. Since then, when I licked your sex it depended if you felt yourself woman or man: in the first case you caressed my cut half head; in the second you hold my long hair in your strong hand drawing it. So I understood if in that moments you wanted to fuck me or be fucked by. Your body became expelling or inclusive. Every sticking out part of it entered in my holes and every kind of scent flied around us while you invaded me, like a man. Or you opened yourself to me. You wanted to be strongly penetrated; I loose myself into your body but I could not touch your skin with the long hair half of my head. I was your man and your woman. Our life became a cabaret show not on a stage but on the road. I was the first actress, the protagonist. I felt the eyes of the people on me; my head instilled doubt about my sex, my body dissolved it. I had a small perfect breast standing out on a sensual belly; I had not so feminine ass and hip but I knew how to make them seductive. The same about my legs and my wonderful feet on stiletto heels. As you can understand my life became a cohabitation: man and woman, cock and pussy but soul and heart too. What am I now?