Domestic Servitude to a Cruel Mistress

A Sexual Fantasy

— By David

The logistics of domestic servitude excite me. I imagine a hipster guy knocking on the door of an apartment in a hipster part of town. Much to his surprise and frustration, a financier-type guy, older, opens their door. With a bit of aggression, they discuss scheduling, who is actually supposed to be there then, and what each of them is supposed to do. They challenge each other for the right to clean the bedroom, until the hipster says that neither of their opinions matter, he'll go do the dishes and they'll split the living room. A cold truce, it's obvious they're competing witch each other. As they finally work through to the living room, they both get a text: "Coming home. Gonna have fun. Be in the closet. Face each other." She knows about the scheduling mishap?, they wonder. They run in to start staring into each other's eyes. Their dominant, a beautiful woman, arrives with her Tinder date. He's hot and strong, capable of lifting her up. She shoves him on the couch and in a hurry to take her clothes off rips her jeans. She starts to fuck his face, riding him. It's clear she's used to dominant sex, but then tells him that she wants to get fucked, hard, against the wall. She leads him to the door, and he lifts her up and starts to do exactly that. She's moaning loudly, and through the gap of the door in the closet, she can see the two men staring at each other, knowing they can also hear the banging of the door. It's right next to them. Silently, against their better judgement, each hoping somehow that the other cannot see, they both start to masturbate through their pants. They never break eye contact. One comes. The fucking eventually goes to the bedroom. It's aggressively doggystyle, then aggressively cowgirl. Lots of teeth and biting on both sides. Eventually it cuts back to the closet, where the two men hear a door close. "You can come out now," and they both kneel in front of her. She lovingly strokes both of their faces, says "Finish up," and goes into her room, closing the door.