Dance For Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Niki Nako

I get out of the shower, in my cloudy wardrobe, I have an appointment with my apricot oil. I gently dry my body tap by tap, wiping the water under my breasts and between my toes. I like to explore and reach every nook. I'm discovering me... Hello stranger? Playing like it’s a first date. I pour some oil in the hollow of my hand. At a start, I give accurate attention to every touch: how my hand lays on my arm, and how touch by touch I’m conquering my body with oil. Every coated part is an inner victory and a step further in abandoning me to… myself. Both at the same time, engaging and letting in. Both at the same time, giving and receiving. My hands look for each other. They fondle my shoulders, catch my breasts for a moment, dive between my lips while my whole body follows the movement like an embracing dance. Massaging and dancing, dancing and massaging, I lose myself in my touch, the sense of time and reality...