Come to my Office

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ferraz

I fancy my boss. There's no sense it pretending otherwise. She is an incredibly intelligent and powerful lady who has obviously worked hard to get where she is and yet I am fully aware of a playful, lets-not-do-things-too-seriously side to her. So with my passion and hard-working commitment to my job, I often find more than one reason to stay late at work. We are often the last two in the office in the evening... if only she'd call me, or walk over, innocently, to my desk and ask 'Sarah, would you mind coming to my office?'

I imagine myself being summoned to her office, a place where she has authority and can demand of me whatever she wants. She starts by asking for my 'help' with reviewing a document... as I lean in to help her with the formatting of the document my hair gently touches her shoulder and I feel her lean towards me, slowly turning her face towards mine. Conscious of her eyes upon me, I make the alterations to the document, secretly congratulating myself for wearing my matching underwear, and hoping that she can see a glimpse of it through my chiffron white blouse. As I lean across her my arm brushes past her breast but she makes no attempt to move. Instead, her hand pushes me further on to the desk when I realise the cleverness of her enticement. I am at her mercy, splayed across her desk, infront of the empty open-plan office she begins to stroke my back, legs and buttocks. Through my skirt, I start to feel the warmth and wetness of my sex, aroused by the domination of my boss and the possibility of any other staff-member walking in on us at any moment.

And yet, here am I her junior, in fact of a position of power... I turn on my back and demand she lowers my underwear to taste my wetness. Unquestioningly, she immediately does as I ask and soon her tongue and fingers are exploring my wet vagina as I feel myself rock towards a climax, more intense than I have ever experienced before. Silently, I redress and get my coat to leave.

Never will 'come to my office' have the same meaning...