Captive at Sea

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amante

I was working aboard a cruise ship as a Spanish and Flamenco guitarist
for a summer in the Mediterranean. It was a great gig and a good way to
take a break from my high-maintenance girlfriend Melissa. Soon after I
began my run, I noticed a very tall, attractive and dark-complexioned
Asian woman working in the housekeeping department who seemed to be
attracted to me as she would often linger at length in my performance
area, checking me out. She had an athletic figure and looked like she
could handle herself. It was rumored that she was a martial arts expert
and once took down a Deck Chief Petty Officer who tried to mess with her.
She made herself known to me as Kianna and started to get intimate with me
right away, giving me a bad time about my relationship, telling me that I
was "whipped" and that I should be taking advantage of all of the
opportunities to get laid aboard the ship. During the first night of our
cross-Atlantic cruise to New York, she sent me suggestive texts with
photos of herself naked from the neck down and made me meet her
in a vacant crew cabin on an unoccupied lower deck of the ship. Once
there, she chained my ankle to a bed rail and kept me there for 3 days at
sea, forcing me to be her slave and go down on her and fuck at her
command. I had never been shackled before in my entire life and was taken
aback at first but I quickly found the prospect of being this woman's toy
to be incredibly exciting and hoped that I was not mistaken in my
assumption of her intent, even though she made it blatantly obvious. She
would leave for various lengths of time and then come back to abruptly
force me to the floor or bed to engage in endless
foreplay and fucking. Every time she went out, I knew she would return to
overtake me, dominate me and force me to pleasure her. Upon hearing her
approaching the cabin and her key card in the door, I would become
incredibly hard and my body would tense up in excited anticipation of
being devoured by her. I began to get into the role-play of prisoner and
would slightly recoil upon her entrance, while anxiously anticipating my
"punishment" by sex. It seemed quite a compliment to me that such a
strong, attractive and forceful woman would choose to abscond with me,
given that she could have had anyone she wanted on the ship. This was also
a very welcomed change to the rote predictability of sex with Melissa. At
one point, she tied me down by my wrists and ankles and left me naked on
the floor and then left the cabin, leaving the door propped open. About 15
minutes later, I heard footsteps and muffled laughter coming closer from
down the hallway. She had let her horny and exotically tattooed cabin
mates come in to have their way with me after 14 months out to sea. That
experience may have been the single best hour of my life. Upon embarkation
in New York, we received notice that that area of the ship would remain
vacant, at which time she gave me orders to remain on call for late
evening appointments. I needed to  resume duties but she would still have
me on her chain. I extended my gig contract and waited anxiously for my
next assignment to her cabin.