Honey, Can I Be with a Girl?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LiderligType

Dear Erika.

I have the hottest, warmest and loveable boyfriend I could ever dream of. We have the most amazing sex, and we have had four- and threesomes together (I am bi and he is hetero). Still I am aiming for something else... Being with a girl, or multiple girls, alone, by myself. Every time I watch porn, I watch lesbians. Every time I masturbate without porn - I fantasize about lesbians. Watching lesbians and having sex with them.

I dream of getting in to a room, where two hot lesbians are licking each other. Maybe even three.

My boyfriend is there with me, watching. But only I am joining the girls, and my boyfriend is happily watching. We get off on each other with dildos and vibrators, in all kinds of positions.

My boyfriend has actually told me - unsolicited, that he would allow me to have sex with a woman by myself, if that would contribute to my happiness, and thereby our relationship. I love him more than anything, but I haven't got the courage yet to tell him about my fantasy. Maybe one day...

I would at least love to see my story come true in a movie. A story of the girl, who gets woken up by a wet dream, and her boyfriend asks her what she dreamed of - in the beginning only the audience will know her secret, and in the end she will tell him her fantasy and they will outlive it together <3