Birds of Prey

A Sexual Fantasy

— By xoxbella

The Black Canary is one of the most beautiful characters to ever come out of comic books. I have this dream where my partner and I, we're dressed up as the beautiful Black Canary and her fellow Bird of Prey, the Huntress. We do this for fun, as a change of pace. We start slow, but it goes faster eventually. It's fun for me to be the Huntress, because I'm mostly covered and it takes her longer to undress me. She removes the pretty purple and white suit, until I'm covered in nothing but my mask. I take off the tight black bodysuit but I put her black leather jacket back on, I like that sort of thing. I rip a hole in her fishnets, enough for me to have access to her. I lay her lightly on the bed and I slowly eat her out until she lets out a beautiful, blood-curling Canary Cry.