Bad Girl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Roxy Foxx

I've been a "bad girl". I live in one of those places that has little or no porn. Not just bad porn. No porn. I once found a book of short stories at the super market that was at best soft core porn. But that was it.
So when I finally found a book with some good porn in it, I was shocked. I found it in a box of books that one of my female neighbors was getting rid of. I loved reading every titillating part of it. For me as a teenager, this book was one of my first encounters with porn. I was even able to teach myself to masturbate while reading it. The truth was that it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. But what to do with the book? Something this good should never go in the trash. So I gave it to the used book store my town, for the next person to take pleasure from. I wish that person all the best in their erotic adventures.
I bet the man behind the counter had never seen anything like it come though his doors...