Anti-Gravity SexCapade

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Goodmourning2u

I love space and space travel. I have always dreamt of being an astronaut barreling through the unknown blackness of the universe. I have also fantasized about fucking in space. The mechanics of sex in zero gravity blows my mind. I envision chasing her around the craft, floating between areas. Getting a quick taste of her only to have her detach from me and float off. Following her sweat smell and tracking her movement by the pieces of clothing hovering in the space around us. Turning a corner to see her playing with herself, then extending her fingers out for me. I taste her and it brings tears to my eyes. She darts off into the darkness of a secluded capsule and waits for me to find her using only my hands. I do and she is dripping wet with anticipation. I slide into her effortlessly and we secure ourselves and do our best control our anti-gravity sexcapade. The sweat beads are detaching from us and floating all around our bodies. Her pussy is magic, is swallows me up and tightens around my throbbing cock, refusing to let go. I pump and push into her harder and harder until neither of us can take it and we simultaneously cum. She opens her mouth and takes my full load and swallows every last drop of me. I detach from our secure position and float down for one final taste of her dripping pussy. We kiss goodbye, swapping tastes and float back to our respective galactic workstations.