Another Man Lotioning My Wife

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Discreet

My confession (along with my wife) is last summer we went to a beach in the Caribbean and did something very out of character. My wife is 44 years old and beautiful, but had been struggling with confidence as she got older. I came up with the idea that she needed more attention to increase her confidence by dressing up some more, which she loved! We could not do this in our home town in case family and friends would on our holiday to the Caribbean we decided it was time to cut wife dressed in daring outfits throughout (tight dresses, short skirts, you name it) and we were having the best sex.

It became clear that her favourite type of man to turn on was 20-25 year old men with athletic when we went to the beach on the final day of our holiday (also her birthday), I proposed something very daring for us. I asked her if she wanted an athletic man to lotion her instead of me - she got very aroused but said no one would do that to her (going back into her less confident shell). I told her it was our last chance to try and said it would not work with me around so I took up a spot far away but close enough to see and said she should try and clumsily lotion herself to see what happened.

Many men walked past and had a good look at her (her bikini was very revealing!) but it took 30 mins or so before a young man approached her - he was just her type, very strong - he seemed to be one of the workers selling drinks from the small drinks hut. He gestured to my wife to lie down on her back before lotioning her body. Occasionally he looked over to a friend about how chuffed he was but I was desperate for a closer view. When I walked passed my wife smiled at me as he was oiling her upper inner thighs!

Eventually my wife told him she had to leave and then explained all the details to me as we had sex as soon as we got back to our hotel room. She said she could feel his very large hard cock and loved it.

We can not wait for our next summer holiday!