Alpha Male vs. Alpha Female

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nzlad

I'm a 27 year old builder, ranked in the top 20 novice athletes of my region in New Zealand - my partner is a 25 year old primary school teacher, former triathlon competitor and competitive swimmer, we're both also Christians who regularly attend church and help out where we can. But what many of our friends don't know, is that we are seriously kinky. I'm talking everything from using the dressing mirror to watch ourselves fucking, to talking about using toys on each other, a remote control vibrator strapped to her clit giving me all the control. Recently, my partner unlocked her dominant side, her riding me is incredibly sexy - especially as she is so confident while fucking my thick cock.

Unbeknown to anyone in our friend group, or indeed, anyone outside of our relationship - I, the alpha male in our peer group, want to buy and wear some feminine inspired male underwear, and have my partner treat me like a sissy boy, using a strap-on on me, calling me names and fucking my ass hard - the best part? I get to do the same to her if she gets to do it to me.