After Hours

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sunseeker2015

It's a very late night at an art school and two students are doing their best to finish their projects before the due date. While crafting their sculptures, they can't stop stealing glances from each other. Eventually, one of the students injures themselves in a minor way. The other student approaches and sits on top of the table starting up an organic and flirty conversation. The injured student wants to play music aloud so, they/he asks the other student if she/they have any song requests. She/they says, "I made a playlist for boy who didn't deserve it." She/they plays a song from this playlist and dances seductively. The injured student reveals he/they never injured themselves but really wanted an excuse for the other student to touch them. They make love and do nipple play. In the morning, they combined their art projects to make something completely new and about intimacy.