A Gift for the Master

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

You arrive for your appointment. As usual, you wait for me to initiate the conversation.
“Last week you told me about this recurring hot fantasy you have. Tell me again.”

You blush with embarrassment, but also get very excited. Your words gush forth like a true confession.

“I'm in this room with these three guys. I'm so scared - I've never done anything like this before - but I am horny beyond belief. I want them to take me - all of them. They hug me and caress me - so gentle! Before you know it, they have me naked and lying on the bed.”

“I want them to just take over, but am so excited I grab one and start kissing him passionately. That gets them all really eager. Before I know it, this one has his tongue down my throat, another is licking my nipples, and the third has his face buried between my legs. I never, ever thought I would do something like this, but now that it is happening, I am thrilled beyond belief. It's like this tremendous hunger has been unleashed.”

“I am going wild. This one guy is ramming his cock deep inside of me - my whole body is starting to vibrate. I'm sucking frantically on this other cock - being penetrated in both places is driving me over the edge. And the third guy is squeezing my breasts.”

“Then, finally, there's this huge wave of moans and we all come. I never thought I could have such a powerful orgasm…”

You look up at me, breathless and sweating, and continue.

“But as fantastic and unbelievable as this whole scene is, the hottest part is that you are sitting there watching the whole thing. I get to show the man who liberated me sexually just how adventurous I could be.”

I nod and smile. “It would be so great if you could give me that gift.”
And you reply with your own smile. “Yes, it would. But I can't imagine any circumstances that would make that possible.”

I walk across the room and swing open the bedroom door. You look inside and see three naked men, standing by the bed. An empty chair sits next to it.

“It's the season for giving gifts. Now is your chance.”