Our first anal fuck

by LongTogether

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My husband and me normally are very open for new experiences. In our public life and in our private life and especially in our sex life. We both like to get anal stimulation as well as giving it to each other. I love it, to have his finger in my ass, when he licks me and he likes to be fingered in his ass, when I give him a blowjob. Sometimes we pleasure each other with an vibrating anal plug or just liking the others asshole. But we never tried anal fucking. I think he was afraid to hurt me and that's why he did not say he wants it and I dare not, because I was a bit afraid of it too. But yesterday I took all my courage together and I told him I wanted an assfuck. After a long session with licking the ass hole and stretching it with fingers and toys, he has penetrated me first carefully and then more and more violently and we both had a lot of fun. We are very happy that we finally dared and feel very enriched in our sex life.

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  1. Vlf300 says:

    Excellent. We also lick and finger but have not done full on anal.

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