A polyamorous love story that will make you believe in true love that does not depend on the number of partners you have.

Catalina loves Valentin. Valentin loves Catalina. Catalina loves Pierre. Valentin loves Pierre. Pierre loves Valentin and Pierre also loves Catalina. Icon Bruce LaBruce tells us the polyamorous fairytale of a retired independence fighter in the dystopian Republic of Catalunya. It's 2022, the third great world war has come to an end and emperor Donald Trump has taken over the world. In the middle of all this global chaos, Catalina and her two lovers Valentin and Pierre are still fighting for independence of a different kind. Together they overcome social norms and find that there is no such thing as a standardised relationship model that guarantees happiness for everyone and that for them, true love knows no gender.

Cast & Crew

Director: Bruce LaBruce

Photographer: Aleix Rodón

Performers: Bishop BlackNat PortnoyValentin Braun

Erika Lust Erika Lust