Romy Furie

Porn Actor and Performer

Romy Furie is a performer, nude photographer and proud feminist from Paris. Through her art she wants to express her most intimate fantasies, dismantle gender stereotypes and capture the female gaze on eroticism. She celebrates feminine domination, sexual liberation and freedom of expression through erotic art.

In her profession, she loves to be part of projects where there is a cinematographic ambition. She co-directed a trilogy of short films outside the adult cinema industry: Romy & Laure (The Moveable Man, The Mystery of the Enchanted Plug, Caught in the time-space hole!). She was an actress in "Les démons de Dorothy" by Alexis Langlois, "Fou de Bassan" by Yann Gonzalez, "À Mon Seul Désir" by Lucie Borleteau, "Vénus Retrograde" by Nicolas Medy & Valentin Noujaim.

In the future, she would love to direct her first adult movie and make lesbian porn more important and accessible.

Paris, France

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