Natália Zajačiková

Porn photograph

Natália Zajačiková (1991) comes from Žilina, Slovakia (was born still in Czechoslovakia). After she dropped out few colleges, she has started to focus on documentary photography, what was also her tool how to cope with anxiety and panic attacks. In the years 2011-2017 worked as a photographer at various independent cultural centres in Žilina, Prague, Innsbruck with the main interest at documentary photography of contemporary dance and theatre. She works with inability to control the space, object and subjects that appear in the shots. She works both with digital and analogue technique. At the moment Natália lives in Berlin, where she started to work with ethical porn, which is just another form of performance for her, but more intimate, more passionate and her main aim is to show real bodies and emotions.

Porn Photos by Natália Zajačiková