Cara Vega

Porn Actor and Performer

Cam-girl, model and to our delight now XConfessions performer Cara Vega has a clear mission: She wants to revolutionize the adult-industry! Coming from Sweden, Cara knows what it's like to be confronted with stereotypes. Fed up with the lack of diversity and missing representation of different body types, skin colors and sexualities in the mainstream industry, Cara decided to show the world that not everybody has to be blonde with blue eyes and be a size zero anymore to be successful in this business. For Cara, camming was a way to start a discussion around sexuality, intimacy and beauty standards in her home country and to give herself a platform to portray her own approach to erotic services and to speak up about her vision of sexuality and sex work in our society. With her big fan base on social media, Cara has already managed to become a prominent voice in the adult industry and we are sure we are going to see and hear a lot more of her in the future! 
Stockholm, Sweden

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