I'll be your cowboy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By smilodontus

I get so turned on wearing my lace crotchless thong. My cock feels free and loose while I feel the lace strap rub my anus. I feel fucking sexy.

I lay on the couch in my panties with the blinds drawn open. The glare on the windows outside is too strong for pedestrians to see inside. I watch them as I fondle myself.

Outside, a woman seems to notice and walks towards the window. She sees me and I tense, afraid of what will happen next.

She smiles adoringly and motions to ask if she can come inside. At the entryway, she immediately places her hand on my cock as I harden.

She leads me to the sofa and tells me she wants me on my knees. She wets my ass and circles her fingers around me with one hand, while grasping my cock in her other hand.

She plays with different toys in my ass. There is nothing more I want than to be pegged and ride her like a cowboy in my crotchless lace thong.