I wish I could show you what I like

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Too Religious

I have just finished exercising at home alone after my wife leaves for work. I am sweaty and flexible and begin my shower routine. As I lather up I start to pull on my penis as it begins to elongate into a longer flaccid tube. It starts to get heavier as the blood begins to fill but is not yet erect. I plunge into a squat, and begin to finger my lathered butt hole. One finger and then more until I have relaxed the muscles of my sphincter. I realize that flipping over onto my backside will allow me deeper penetration especially with my legs now elevated against the walls of the shower. I reach for my toy and eagerly insert it into my now loose asshole. I gently tug on my dick as the tension between my sphincter wanting to clench and my desire to keep it stretched open is in conflict. "This is completely taboo" I think to myself. What would my wife say if she saw me like this? She has no idea that this has become a routine of mine. Surprisingly, the bathroom door opens and my wife walks in having returned from work for some unknown reason. As she catches me in this position I tense and feel my mind begin to race to explain my strange, and what now feels like shameful behavior. "Don't you knock?" I impulsively blurt. "I'm glad I didn't" she tenderly responds. "What are you doing there? It looks like you've got yourself into something pleasurable. You look so hot like that." "What?" I think to myself. "Is she for real? Does she really like what she sees?" As the realization takes over that she's not repulsed, rather excited by seeing me with my legs in the air fingering my ass and pulling my dick I slowly resume where I left off. She undoes her blouse, unzips her skirt, removes her shoes, and joins me in the shower. "I'm so glad I forgot my phone at home this morning or else I might never of had the chance to see you like this." I am now totally relaxed and continue with my masturbation. Soon, she has descended, and is now stroking and licking my asshole. With her fingers inside me I eventually orgasm!