I will show HIM something new...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pervysophia

My loving husband guided me through my shame when I was a virgin, encouraging me to do things and taught me how to find an intense guilty pleasure in doing them. My confession is that I dream of reversing these roles, to help him find pleasure in a new, naughty way:
After having some glasses of wine together I say to him with a sweet voice - 'honey I promise I will give you tomorrow the blow job of your life but today you will do what I like.'
I tell him to sit on the bed while I sit on the chair in front of him. I start to caress my pussy slowly and order him to do the same. I really like this view. I take my vibrator which I put on purpose behind my chair beforehand, put a lot of lube and start to slide it in and out my pussy. I see it's making him very horny, he has never seen me doing this. I know that in this state of being drunk and aroused he will do anything for me. When the toy is all wet and slippery I come to him and give it to him to lick. He savours it wildly. I ask him 'Do you like my taste honey? Would you do everything to make my cunt even more wet?' He nods twice with a distant look in his eyes. I say : 'I want you to put it in your butt and enjoy it' He says: 'Ok, but only for you' But I see in his eyes that it made it even more horny. I go back to the chair and start playing again with my fingers. I say 'Put your legs above your head, I want to have a good view' He plays with a vibe some time around his ass hole, and finally decides to do this. He slowly starts to push it inside. I cannot take my eyes of it and feel that I start to literally spill my juices on the chair. When it gets halfway inside a moan escapes involuntarily his mouth and he starts to gasp. 'You've just discovered prostate my love... now... fuck your ass' And he does. He and I are getting closer and closer to achieving climax. I come to his bed and stroke his cock slowly and intensely. 'Open your mouth'. He comes in his mouth and on the face just a few second after I say this, shocked and trembling with pleasure. I kiss him. I love him.