2 for 1

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Big_Boob_Baddie

My friend and I once went skinny dipping in her pool with these two really cute guys from class. We had just finished our group project and were all looking to cut loose, after a few rounds of naked Marco Polo though, things got pretty steamy between me and one of the guys. My friend wasn’t interested in having sex with anyone, so she just hung out and watched to make sure I was safe the whole time which I really appreciated. I then invited the other guy over to play with us, which ended up being a huge turn on for not only myself but for both guys as well. As we all got out of the pool they both kissed me all over my body, one of them then went down on me while the other one ate my ass. This felt so fucking good that my legs began to shake, I’d eventually orgasm from all the pleasure but when I did I let out a huge moan that I think woke her neighbors lol. We quickly moved our escapades inside my friend's house. There I returned the favor by blowing them both for a bit, then I let them double penetrate me which was so hot. I loved feeling them both pulsate inside me as they thrusted into my ass/pussy. As they both fucked me so good they’d both cum in their condoms. Which I got via my friend, I really owe her the world for that night. It’s still the best sex I’ve ever had and that was 3 years ago.