The stand-in

A Sexual Fantasy

— By A Bi in the House of Love

My old lover is a photographer. That meant foreplay consisted of him taking pictures of me in various states of undress. I liked watching him watch me through the lens of his camera. I held an erotic power over him when he stared. After a recent breakup, I reached out in desperate need of his eyes, his hands, and his cock. The only trouble is he lives in another state. He has an idea: His friend recently moved to my city and has a thing for messy bisexuals. I said I would meet him, but I want my lover to watch. If I can't have my lover, I want his fleshy avatar. We rig a low-key porn studio in the stand-in's loft. He is a happy and willing proxy, as eager to please me as he is to show off to his college buddy. We prop my laptop open on a desk, and I bend over it. When my lover logs on, I remember that Zoom has better options than office meetings. He smiles at me, his slate eyes twinkling. Those eyes on me, taking in my naked body, someone else's hands on my things. I run my tits across the screen, aching to feel his tongue lick and suck them. Showing off a little, I stand up straight and raise my arms. The gorgeous man behind me moves closer until I can feel his erection against my backside. I move the man's fingers inside of me and pull them out so that my lover can see that I am here and wet. I'd rub my juice across the screen if it wouldn't ruin it. I have a thing for getting fucked from behind. My ass is perfect, plump, and squeezable, and I show it off whenever I can. I like it when the man fucking me slaps against my ass cheek with his pelvis, want the feel of his legs braced against mine, bent at a 90-degree angle, and open. I never move my eyes from the screen. My lover is stroking his cock while he watches another man fuck me. My lover tells him what to do to me, and commands his hands towards the places he wants to put them. His avatar needs no more than a suggestion before he puts his face between my cheeks and is licking my asshole. My lover remembers how much I love anal play. The avatar stops for lube before entering my ass. I'm shy at first, but once it's all the way in, I'm fucking him as much as he's fucking me. The stand-in's index finger rubs my clit while he fills me with his hard dick. But it's the eyes of my old lover that makes me orgasm. They watch me bite my lip and press my thighs together as I shudder against the man behind me. I watch my lover ejaculate and remember how it felt every time he came inside my ass. We share one more look before I blow him a kiss and close the screen.