The doctor will see you now!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Chippy

A lady makes an appointment for an orgasm or multiple orgasms.

On the date of her appointment she checks in and is escorted to a private room. In the room there's a gynaecological bed in the centre, a stool at the foot of the bed, a table on wheels containing a selection of dildos, vibrators and lubes. There is a curtain attached to the ceiling and cuts the room in half. The bed is positioned under the curtain so that it is effectively cut in half. There is also a door leading out of the room positioned at the foot end of the bed. On entering the room the lady is requested to strip completely and then put on a bathrobe. Next she is required to get on the bed and pull the robe up to her waist and to ensure the curtain drapes over her ensuring she can't see from her waist down. There's a button on the bed that, when pressed, illuminates a light outside the doors. This is the cue for practitioner (Me) to enter. I enter through the door at the bottom of the bed and as I approach the bed I can only see the lady from her waist down. She can't see me at all. I am wearing a shirt, trousers and soft shoes and that's how I remain throughout.

I sit on the stool and gently raise her legs so that they are sat in the stirrups of the bed and now I position myself between her knees and gaze at her beautiful pussy and anus.

I proceed to add some lube to my fingers and gently caress her labia, teasing them apart and gently tugging on them each in turn. I'll expose her clitoris and begin to massage it slowly but deliberately. As she gets wetter I'll tease her inner depths with the tip of a finger slowly easing it into her very wet pussy. at the same time my other hand is still concentrating on her clitoris. Gauging her responses I'll insert one finger, then two, deeper into her pussy and allow a finger of my other hand to lightly press on her anus, until it opens and allows my finger to penetrate her further. With both hands occupied exploring her inner depths I'll lean forward and kiss her pussy mound searching for her clitoris with my tongue and sucking on her labia drinking her juice. I keep this up for as long as she needs me too and if she should squirt, I'll drink as much as I can get. As her orgasm approaches I'll become a little more vigorous with the sucking and penetration until she can't take anymore and her orgasm flows through her. If she has booked multiple orgasms, then I'll back off until she can compose herself again. If she only requested the one, then I exit the room. When she's ready she takes a shower, dresses and leaves, paying the receptionist on her way out.

The end.